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VectoIQ is the premier partner for leading organizations participating in the rapid transition towards
Mobility as a Service and an Autonomous Vehicle society

We are Experts for the Future of Mobility

Our Mission

To help partners and clients to develop innovative products and services for the next generation of Smart Transportation.

Our Sole Focus is on Mobility

Autonomous Vehicles

Connected Car

Smart Mobility


Mobility as a Service


Our Approach

To become a business partner to startups by providing strategic advice, financial solutions, and talents to deliver commercial products and solutions.

Startups & Early Stage Companies

Initially, our deep vetting process ensures that we have the highest conviction in your capabilities and technology -and that we can meaningfully contribute to your success. 

As your partner VectoIQ provides counsel: regarding strategy, ideas, capital and the industry.  We challenge you while supporting you - readily available when you need us. You have access to our robust global network and our differentiated industry intelligence.

We are fully committed to make sure your technology and ideas are commercialized and that you realize your vision. 

Our Partnerships

Our Team

Automotive   ·   Technology   ·   Strategy   ·   Relationships   ·   Capital Markets

Mary Chan

Steve Girsky

Sarah Hallac


Mindy Luxenberg-Grant 


Julia Steyn


Our Reputation

“With over three decades of industry experience, Steve brings a unique perspective to the issues and opportunities presented by the trends in new mobility.  From his hands-on experience in the boardroom and the C-suite, to his industry insights as a leading Wall Street analyst, to his extensive private equity and venture capital expertise, Steve is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced advisors focused on the opportunities resulting from the changes in global mobility.” 

Kevin Clark

President and CEO Delphi Automotive PLC

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104 West 40th St., Suite 400
New York, NY 10018
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